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Sacred Moments

Attention all families celebrating sacred milestones! Are you ready to commemorate and cherish the beautiful moments of your child's First Holy Communion, Konfirmation, or Baptism? Look no further than our exclusive Sacred Moments Photosession, where we capture the essence and significance of these special occasions.

At Little Swallow, we understand the importance of these sacred milestones and the deep spiritual significance they hold. I am dedicated to capturing the beauty, reverence, and joy that radiate from your child during these precious moments, creating timeless images that reflect the spirituality of the occasion.

We know that each sacred milestone is unique and carries its own traditions and symbolism. Our Sacred Moments Photosession offers a personalized experience tailored to your family's beliefs and preferences. Whether it's capturing the solemnity of the church, the natural beauty of an outdoor setting, or a combination of both, we'll create a session that reflects the significance of the occasion.

These sacred moments are fleeting, but the memories should last a lifetime. Our Sacred Moments Photosession offers a variety of packages to suit your needs, ensuring that you have cherished memories to commemorate this special milestone. From beautifully designed albums to digital galleries, we have options to preserve the essence and beauty of the occasion.

Imagine flipping through an album filled with heartwarming images that capture the purity and devotion of your child's sacred milestone. Our Sacred Moments Photosession is not just about photography; it's about celebrating and honoring the spiritual journey of your child. Let us capture these precious moments, creating a visual legacy that will be treasured for generations to come.

Book Your Sacred Moments Photosession Today:
Don't let these sacred milestones pass by without preserving their beauty and significance. Treat your family to a Sacred Moments Photosession and create memories that will forever remind you of the spiritual growth and blessings bestowed upon your child.


📞 Contact us now to schedule your personalized Sacred Moments Photosession. Together, let's capture the reverence, joy, and spirituality that make these occasions truly unforgettable. 🙏💖

Package A

2500 kr

-A pre-party consultation and planning session.

-Photography coverage the photo session at the location

-up to 1h of the photosession 

-10 digital and printed pictures of your choice in size 13x18cm, perfect for displaying and cherishing

- Additional digital files with prints in size 13x18cm are available for 250kr each
- A prepayment of 50% 


Package B

4000 kr

-A pre-party consultation and planning session.

-Photography coverage the ceremony at the church and photo session at the location

-up to 3h of the photosession

-60 digital pictures of your choice  

- 2 prints in size 30x40cm

- Additional digital files are available for 250kr each
- A prepayment of 50% 

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