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Are you looking for a nice Valentine`s gift?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I always say that there is nothing better than a female photo session to feel special! Claudia came to me for a session for her future husband. She had a phone full of inspiration and our session went very quickly and efficiently. See our joint work

Some tips how to prepare yourself:

~ Knowing how to pose is key to getting the best results from your photoshoot but it can be hard to get celebrity worthy pictures if you don't know what you’re doing. Always I recommend to my customers to pose in front of the mirror to see which engel they like the most.

~~ The choice of underwear can be key. Underwear can not be too small, because it will be visible in the pictures if you can not breathe. If you want to put on stockings, choose ones without rubber. Do not wear bra before the photosession. Bring a few sets so that we can match them to the background.

~~In terms of visual appearance, you can do a facial mask in the evening to revive your skin. Do not paint too much - the less, the better and more natural. You can wash your hair in the morning to make it thicker. Many clients complain about their hair during sessions.

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